This year, we are partnering with Freewheeling Adventures to offer our popular
hiking and multi-sport tours on southern Vancouver Island!  

Please register early for a guided or self-guided/supported trip.
Please direct all your enquiries to Freewheeling Adventures.  

Alternatively, use our detailed maps and area information for your own, independent inn-to-inn hiking tour.  
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Please check back in 2018 for Trek & Treats inn-to-inn hiking tours.


Hiking Tour Options

Salish Shores Discovery Trail

  • Peruse the description of the entire 3-9 day walking route plus optional extra days along the way. 
  • For a detailed day-to-day description, open this PDF.
  • Suggested continuous inn-to-inn hike: 5 days/4 nights
For a shorter trip, walk only a few days along the route:

West Coast 3 - 4 Day Hike

  • Begin your hike at a castle and then walk along the shores of the Juan de Fuca straight, through impressive forests, along lakes and bays. Stay at peaceful waterfront inns.  Detailed itinerary...

Personalized Tours

Each tour can be personalized. Simply select the segments of the Salish Shores Discovery Trail that interest you the most, or tell us your travel dates and interests. We will suggest itinerary options to you.

Please send us a Registration Inquiry.

Multi-Sport Options

Some segments of the Salish Shores Discovery Trail are well-suited for cycling. The cycling route follows in part an 85 km trail along a former railway line with no traffic at all. More info...   

Kayak options range from peaceful, easy paddling in an inlet to an open water paddle for more experienced paddlers. Details...

Lastly, ask us about horse riding.

Guided Tours

We collaborate with Freewheeling Adventures, a well-established Canadian tour operator, to offer week-long, fully guided hiking tours.  Visit Freewheeling Adventures' website for details, dates and contact information.