Why Walk?

A trail of breadcrumbs on facebook led me to this interview with Robert MacFarlane, autor of “ The Old Ways - A Journey on Foot”, which appeared in the New York Times on January 2, 2014. 

While I haven’t read the entire book (yet) I thoroughly enjoyed the article. It left me with the kind of elation that comes from feeling understood, feeling that someone shares one’s thoughts, an experience, one’s passion even - someone with the enviable ability to express that passion in captivating language.

Here is an excerpt from the interview. 

“All footpaths are “old ways” in that they’ve taken time to come into being, and have been formed by the passage of many feet. They’re communal landmarks in that sense. It’s tough, tending to impossible, to make a path on your own, save by walking it hundreds of times (as the land artist Richard Long has done). I chose to use the old ways partly because I was fascinated by this network of paths that joined with one another and covered much of the globe (a very different kind of worldwide web), and partly because they seemed to promise a way of walking deeply into, rather than just shallowly across, the landscape. That promise came good.”

Follow this link to the article:

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