About Us

Who We Are

Trek & Treats is a Canadian tour provider located in Victoria, British Columbia.  We specialize in creating inn-to-inn hiking opportunities, and we are forever expanding the options for this fun and accessible way to travel on southern Vancouver Island.

We deeply appreciate the region we live in, the breathtaking natural beauty right on our doorstep. Trek & Treats is our way to share what we love about Vancouver Island and to help you discover this island’s unparalleled natural beauty, its people and their hospitality.

Marion Grau, Founder and Owner 

Marion can sense a trail from a mile away. Every hiking trail, country lane and city alley is an invitation to explore. While her passion for getting off the beaten track tests the patience of family members, it is shared by her beloved horse, the indomitable Ms. Jingles. And so many a trail is mapped - on foot, by bicycle and wherever possible, in the saddle.

Curiosity, patience, attention to detail and organizational skills are some of the qualities needed to develop a great walking tour, as is the drive to share the best we have to offer, to create a memorable, interesting, fun experience for others.

A Vancouver Island resident for the past 20 years, Marion has honed these skills and qualities throughout her career. Trained as a communications professional and accredited in Public Relations (APR), she also has Wilderness & Remote First Aid certification and participated in too many outdoors activities and courses to mention.  Marion has put her skills and passion to work, organizing trips, events, site visits and educational tours for national and local  conservation organizations and helping tourism businesses with their planning and marketing - all the whiles cheming the launch of Trek & Treats.

Marion is fluent in German and French, gets by in Spanish and loves to help travelers from close to home and around the world to discover the region.


In the Community

We are proud to support bursaries for learners at Royal Roads University.  Sustainability and social responsiblity are central to the university's unique programs, and the university campus at Hatley Park and Castle National Historic Site is part of the Salish Shores Discovery Trail.