What to Expect


  • Your guide is a trip kit which includes detailed maps, directions, notes on distances and estimated walking times, as well as pointers on where to eat, what sites to visit along the way, and how to shorten or lengthen your daily route.

  • All our guests are invited to give us feedback, which we use to constantly improve our maps, directions and services.  Hikers also provide tips for other hikers; these are included with your directions.

  • Spend relaxing evenings in local B&B’s or similar accommodations. Accommodations are included with your reservation with Trek & Treats.  When you reserve your tour, we will select - and inform you of - each accommodation, prior to completing your booking.
  • Don’t worry about carrying a heavy pack. We’ll transport your luggage to your next stop.

  • Begin each new day with a hearty breakfast, included with your reservation.
  • Some days, you may decide to have lunch and dinner at cafés, pubs or bistros along the way; some days, in more remote areas, lunch may be a picnic and dinner can be ordered in from the closest restaurant. And you will find unexpected treats along the way.
  • Lunch and dinner are not included in your package except by special arrangement. Depending on the duration of your trip or in case of very special dietary needs, we can provide you with your own cooler for your provisions and refrigerate these at your accommodations.

  • We are on call to answer your questions or give advise along the way.


From beginning to end, the Salish Shores Discovery Trail is over 100 kilometres long. The contiguous route is divided into six segments, each walkable in one day. See also Location and Seasons.

The tours are ideal for hikers used to walking 15 km a day (just less than10 miles) on often hilly terrain. If you choose the longer route options, you can easily walk 20 km (12.4 miles). A ride in the morning when we collect your luggage can also shorten the days' distance.

Public transit options are available in some locations and are shown in your maps and description.  Most days, you can also call a taxi to shorten the walk, or to go out in the evening.

The optional remote parks, included only fully guided tours, cover 7-10 km/4-6 miles of rugged trails.

The varied geography - from beaches, rolling lowlands to rugged, rocky terrain - makes for diverse landscapes and ecosystems within a short distance. Some areas, such as the Highlands, can be so rugged and wild that many locals never go there, while others would never live anywhere else.  Other areas are graze the edge of the city and will surprise  you with old-growth forest, wetlands and inlets, and hiking trails to cultural landmarks.

Hikers should expect daily elevation changes as the landscape can rise and fall by several hundred meters and more, often repeatedly along a day’s route. These are not mountains, though, and you will not be climbing with ropes or walking in dangerous terrain. On each walking day, some effortless walking in gentle terrain offsets the climbs.

Crossing this region is never dull. An observing visitor will notice not only the distinct geography of different regions, but also the subtle shift in local culture, cuisine and customs.