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Salish Shores Inn-to-Inn Hike

Trek & Treats has been offering independent inn-to-inn walking tours since 2013.
Peruse our website for information, then book your tour with our Canadian partner, Freewheeling Adventures.  

New: Purchase our maps and plan your own 3-day inn-to-inn hike along the West Coast. More...

 Walk - Eat - Sleep - Repeat

Your 5-day self-guided inn-to-inn hike will take you from the Saanich Peninsula's protected inlets to the West Coast's magnificent sea and mountain vistas. 
Luggage transport, all maps and trip notes and shuttles on your first and last day are included.  Fresh local cuisine and warm hospitality and are part of each day!   

Find details in this PDF itinerary.

Then visit Freewheeling Adventure's website to register: www.Freewheeling.ca


Inn-to-inn hiking is right for you if....

...you want to get to know the places you visit, up close and personal.

...you like to get off the beaten track and make your own discoveries.

...you can walk 15 km (9 mi) in hilly terrain and still want to see what's around the next corner.

...you’re curious about the farm bistros and local pubs. You like to eat where the locals eat. But a hike wouldn't be a hike without some picnics on the trail.

...you don’t want a packaged vacation. You create your own experience. Enjoy!

What to expect on an inn-to-inn hike...

Guided Tours

This 7-day fully-guided hiking tour itinerary takes you further along the west coast and into more remote parks that are not part of an inn-to-inn hike.  

Let us spoil you during this active tour in a small group setting! 

Your tour can also include cycling and kayaking, perhaps even a yoga class or paddleboarding.

For details and to register, visit Freewheeling Adventures.


Purchase Maps

Embark on your own 3-day West Coast inn-to-inn hike with our detailed maps and trip notes.

Review the itinerary and travel info....

Cost: Cdn $9.50 per day for a total of $28.50

Complete payment, then follow the link "Back to Merchant' at the bottom of the page.  You can now access your electronic copies at your leasure. The link does not expire.


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